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Welcome to Stone Horse Farm

Catering to families in Innisfil, Essa & Barrie
Stone Horse Farm is family-owned and proudly located on a century farm first settled in 1880 by Willam Allen. After purchasing this farm in 2003, we began raising pastured chickens first for ourselves, and then for the growing number of friends who wanted the same nutritious quality meat and eggs for their growing families. In 2010 we added pastured pork and in 2014 look forward to also offering pastured turkey and beef for your enjoyment.
The goal of our fairly small, attention-to-detail, family farm is using the natural resource of grass pasture to produce the world's healthiest meat and eggs.

We are totally sold on the advantages of pastured meat, both for the environment, our nutritional and holistic health, and the humane way it allows us to raise our animals. 

All of our livestock is raised on acres of green grass and clover-based pastures. As neither chickens, turkeys or pigs can receive their full nutrition from just grass, they also receive a grain supplement for their daily diet. Rather than feeding factory-produced pellet food, which is loaded with GMO grains including soy beans, corn, cottonseed meal and canola, we take advantage of buying non-GMO feed from our local, family-owned feed store, using grains that have no genetic modification and are locally grown. 

If pastured meat is something your family is looking for, or wanting to learn about, please contact us!  We love to make new friends for the incredible world of sustainable farming! 
Because we are an active family, our hours can be erratic!  Please call, e-mail or text to let us know of your interest, and we will be sure to be available when you would like to stop by!
Home Phone: 705-458-1933
Cell/Text: 705-241-7772



Locally farmed in Innisfil, Ontario


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